Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hung up on "Reasonable Doubt"

I went down to the courthouse this afternoon, but I didn't get in. (I will expand on this entry later tonight, to flesh out my story.) Alan Parachini let in virtually any media that showed up, even when they showed up late, and even if it didn't appear that they were on the court's media list. That left a SINGLE SEAT for the public. One of his staff, Meredith, let in an single trial watcher who had been there in the morning on jury watch. The accredited press will always get preferential treatment over the public, and this was clearly the case this afternoon. In my opinion, that stinks.

After the proceedings, I talked to several reporters. One in the know reporter (who asked not to be quoted) said that there were seven jurors grouped together that they thought were possibly in a "guilty" group. That was their guess. I don't know when this reporter observed this, but they did. #2, #4, #7, #8, #9, #10 (Unfortunately, I can't remember the number the reporter told me of the 7th juror in the group.)

This reporter said that even though #9, did say (when questioned by the Judge) that a clarification of doubt verses reasonable doubt might help, the reporter felt the verbal pausing when responding as well as their body language indicated that it wasn't juror #9 who needed that information specifically, but likely other jurors did and this was their opinion as to what might help.

What follows is my opinion on several issues. Sadly, again, Californians have shown the world that when they enter a jury box to determine guilt or innocence, their brains turn into melted cheese. California is known for its' cheese, and now it's confirmed that our brains are made of it too. This washed up former music producer is so guilty, I could tell it from opening statement. Sadly, though, we have melted cheese in that jury box, and melted cheese is what it is, not much use for anything other than ham sandwiches.

I believe that members of the jury had a hard time understanding second degree murder and implied malice, in addition to being totally confused about the difference between reasonable doubt and "all doubt." Crap. Everybody has doubts. This jury though had melted cheese for brains and couldn't tell the difference.

To me, it is very suspicious what appeared on the Team Spector MySpace page late in the evening of September 17th. Very suspicious. Spector has several investigators who are in his deep pockets. What goes through my mind, is, did any of these investigators, during this trial, follow jurors home just like that white haired guy followed CCA all the way to his stop on the Metro Red Line, and question him? Here is the link for you to reread the entry on that event and then ask yourself, Is it possible?

Update: 9:10 pm.
Some Court TV posters appear to be upset with my "generalizations" of Californians, indicating that it's only celebrity trials that have this problem and citing other trials where a just verdict was reached. OF COURSE I'm talking about celebrity justice! Did I really need to clarify that? I attended about 90% of the Blake trial. Blake was guilty, but that jury found him not guilty. Afterwards, we found out their brains were made of melted cheese when they were interviewed on the John and Ken Show on KFI640. Mark my words. When the Spector jury is interviewed, we will discover the same thing.

But back to the anger and pain and shock that most are feeling. All I can really think of at this moment is Mrs. Clarkson and her daughter Fawn. An absolute hell they must be going through right now. It makes me so sad to think that 4.5 years later, they still don't have justice for their daughter. I urge everyone to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They need us now to be strong for them.


Unknown said...

Like you pointed out, Sprocket, it's not because of LA, per se. It's the nature of our culture's obsession with celebrities, and their ability to transcend the laws meant for the little people, who seem to worship these defective beings, many who are inherently narcissistic and amoral to begin with.

Since so many felonious celebrities live in LA, when they molest, rape, drive drunk, steal, cheat and murder, they get LA juries, but, would it be any different in any other state? In Florida, Judge Larry Seidlin went nuts over a dead pin-up girl, famous for being perpetually stoned, and posing naked. She was a pig, yet, her self-induced death was treated like it was the inquest for Diana, Princess of Wales.

To add insult to injury, Spector has been invigorated, and now justified by five morons.In the shallow world of show biz, nobody will care that he killed some woman over 40. Like OJ, he'll be invited to plenty of weddings and parties. His songs will show up in ten new movies next year, replenishing the few million dollars he needed to part with to hire the thugs who seem to have won him this victory.

Donna Clarkson waited over five years, depending on the system, certain that 12 people just like her, some of them mothers, like her, would provide some justice. Taking this to civil court means having Team Spector spread more manure over the memory of Lana, something they're now very good at.

We all know that Spector will hide most of his assets, appeal any decision, and finally send trucks with bags of nickels to Mrs. Clarkson's home, should she win a final financial judgment. He'll make sure he's photographed enjoying life, as frequently as possible, just to turn the knife blade, and treat Donna, like OJ has cruelly taunted Fred Goldman for 12 years.

I would like to believe there's still a chance those twits will come to their senses, or that a IM charge would at least put the creep behind bars for a few years...

We all know that those five idiots are proud of their actions, and will probably be thrilled to be the honored guests at the castle, toasted by the gloating Spectors, and their creepy subhuman supporters. It would be a good time for an earthquake in Alahambra, but, life doesn't work like that.

Anonymous said...

This is sickening and I do believe rather than sending the Spector's web-site to a court tv reporter, it should be sent to judge F pronto.........After all, he did put a gag on these people so they wouldn't continue to attempt to affect this jury!
Oh well, so much for morals in the defence camp, huh?
And the huge wide-eyed glare of Spector as juror # 5 spoke of reaching a verdict with further instruction??? I thought no, I didn't really see this gargantuon change come over him?? But other's did also!
Was she smiling and winking at him too? Or was the #3 special instruction request which favors his dispicable defence enough to calm him?
How obvious particularly in light of her background (what's wrong w/state and judge allowing her--not just cuz of oj verdict, but besides this, being married to a murderer 15 yrs w/out getting a divorce since living w/him for only 6 mths all those yrs ago, and I forgot, he'd become a crack addict during that time. Yet she can't make up her mind to divorce??) No justice in her neighborhood either?
What were they thinking---???

She needs looking at and the judge needs to open his eyes here and confront the spector's complete ignorance of his public gag order.

He Needs to enforce the law here ...after all, someone's gotta do it judge since it doesn't appear the jury will be serving their community in that capacity.

Someone sugested IQ tests on juror's. That won't help....can't weed out the criminal sympathizer's and star-struck people who would never convict, not even with a video of the crime!

No more justice for victim's, the right's of the criminal's reign supremem in the face of the most overwhelming evidence of guilt.

No wonder OJ's grinning all the way to jail!

Sprocket, thank you for this great blog!

Think you can get that myspace.com page to the judge? I am simply unable!


Rayny said...

Yesterday hubby was home, so he turned CTV on (I had KTLA open, but with 2 in the room, I muted KTLA and watched CTV), Beth was saying the exact thing about a group of 7 standing out front. She also said she'd seen a group of 5, too. She had her own little aha moment when the numbers were announced 7 to 5. She rattled off juror numbers, but the only 2 I recall are #9 being with the group of 7, and #5 being in the 5 group. I think she also said another woman was with the 5 group.

She thought the 7 group were the guiltys and the 5 group the NG.

I tend to agree, especially with seeing that #2 was with #9. No one will convince me that the Dateline reporter isn't a firm guilty. His bell rang before the trial got underway and IMO, NOTHING happened that could have possibly changed that. He seems to have a level head about him.

If you happen to see AJ, pass along that CTV posters think he did a magnificent job and we all think he did everything he could.

Lilly said...

You are so right about the Clarkson family. They are the ones who suffered more than anyone in this situation. They lost their daughter and have to relive it, knowing the murder is alive and well and walking free. I will pray for them, thanks for the reminder!