Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rachelle Short's Denial

The thing I find interesting about Rachelle Short's denial (through her husband's legal counsel) that she was the one who posted the threat towards a sitting Superior Court Judge, is, who made all the many posts with that "Chelle" MySpace account before the threat? A recent post that comes to mind is the one that the anonymous (cough, cough) "Chelle" put up on September 1st, at 1:43pm stating "HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO US!!!!!!

It does beg the question, IF (and that's a huge if in my book) Child Bride is telling the truth and she did not make the post, then,

a) how come she let someone impersonate her for so long, or

b) when was it specifically that the account got hacked?

Inquiring minds want to know, lol! Personally, I think she would look stunning if Spector and Child Bride were given matching sets of silver bracelets, courtesy of the LA County Sheriffs. Now that would be a high fashion statement worth reporting!

Update: September 26th, 8:25 am.
Thanks to Court TV poster and "top sleuth" in my book, steffaroob4, here are some more "Chelle" comments on another MySpace page. I keep telling you everyone, Google cache is your friend!


Unknown said...

Well someone is feeling guilty, since the whole "Chelle" profile has been deleted from myspace. Here is a post from the same day of the judge post, so if it was a hacker causing trouble, (hmmm...) I guess the hacker decided to write some other friendly posts that day to throw us all off.

Sprocket said...

Thanks a ton stef! I updated the blog. You're the best, and thank you so much for sharing your sleuthing with me.

Wonder why that anonymous "imposter"lol, deleted their account? Or did some LA County Sheriff's inquiries get the "OFFICIAL" Team Spector page owner to make some hasty late night phone calls? Hummm?

Still hoping for those matching silver bracelets!

craigtamy said...

I had the most hilarious visions of the Spector house last night, in total chaos trying to dispose of and/or destroy all the computers in the "castle". I really think this is the one "oops" she is going to live to regret. By not inserting a filter between her "brain" and mouth she has become her own worst enemy. Thanks for your insightful updates!!!