Monday, September 24, 2007

Jurors rewatch DeSouza's taped interview with LE

It's interesting that this late in the deliberations game, the jurors have now asked for a VCR to watch (all? a portion of?) Adriano Desouza's taped interview with police. Since this is the only evidence that was recorded on a VHS tape, this is what most of the mainstream media feel the jury wants to rewatch.

During cross examination of DeSouza, Brunon really went after DeSouza's command and understanding of the English language. Because of that blunder, the Judge ruled the prosecution could introduce on redirect, DeSouza's interview with Alhambra Police officers, just hours after the early morning shooting death of Lana Clarkson.

The video was played in court over two days. I saw the second half of the playing of the video to the jurors. Although DeSouza's accent was hard for me to understand, it was crystal clear that DeSouza could understand the questions the officers put to him, and a translator was never needed.

So that begs the question, what part of his testimony do people think the jury wanted to listen to? Using logic people, IF Lana killed herself, why would that gun ever be in Spector's hands when he exits the back door? DeSouza said he clearly saw him holding a gun on the witness stand, and even demonstrated how he saw Spector holding the gun. He also stated that he saw blood on Spector's finger. It's one of the reasons he wanted to leave the property as quickly as possible. To me, this is one piece of testimony that sinks him completely, and there was nothing presented that ever contradicted that. There wasn't one defense witness that said he was imagining what he saw.

Cocobaby had a great comment on the Court TV forum:

Check out Pat Dixon's closing argument again (at least the first 20 minutes). He begins by saying "The defense is based on the theory that Spector never had the gun in his hand" then he goes, "Really, I thought I heard Adriano DeSouza tell us on the witness stand that he saw PS with a gun in his hand, indeed I did, I heard him say that and so did you," and goes on and on about AD seeing the gun in PS's hand.

If the jury believes that AD saw PS with a gun in his hand-it's over. Fingers crossed that the jury are logical bunch. It really shouldn't take this long imo, I can't imagine what they are hung over!!!!

If Spector is innocent, why did he pick the gun up and walk outside with it and make a declarative statement? These are not hard questions for the jurors. They are ones that should come back with logical answers to these questions.

I think Bill Maher on his show summed it up best, and if you haven't seen the video clip of his comments, you should. (To see Bill Maher's clip on Spector, there's a link in my blog entry on YouTube at the very end.) It's hysterical.