Sunday, September 23, 2007

Out of the mouth of babes...or child brides.

Have you read recently what some of Spector's supporters are saying over on the TEAM SPECTOR MySpace page?

Child Bride is standing by the money, lol!

Updated: September 24th, 12:20 pm.
Well, well, well. Appears like Team Spector just removed Child Bride's comment from their MySpace page.

Here it is for everyone that missed it.


Unknown said...

Oh my, I can't believe a person who looks like Spector's wife and called "Chelle" wrote a comment about a sitting judge. Where is her intellect??? Comment below:
"The Evil Judge Should DIE!!!!"

Sprocket said...

I've been telling y'all about this child bride, chicky wife for a long time lol!

Michelle @
has confirmed everything I've said.

All she ever really wanted was a big rock, new teeth, a car an club hopping wardrobe.

Hondarooly said...

I have heard that someone infected this site (Team Spector)) with a malaware (*sp) be careful....check your puters.

Sprocket said...

Ah, I love a good rumor, lol! That would be an interesting virus, because that would mean even the people who are accepted friends would get it. That wouldn't make them very happy now would it?

I'm on an macBook so I don't have to worry about viruses, however, everyone on a PC clone should at least invest in some type of spybot software.

Unknown said...

Sprocket - you are a genius. I had heard about the 'Chelle comment, but it had been removed before I could see it. I knew you would have the screenshot. I believe her comment poses a threat to a sitting judge, and should be reported to the authorties.

FYI - my wrod verification was gotti!!

ravenmom1 said...

Sprocket... that was my thought. They wouldn't want to infect their own computers! But just in case, I have LOTS of protection.. hehe!

Lilly said...

Virus rumor is probably another threat from Chelle...
Where's the verdict?? I thought we'd have it by now! (but then I thought that the first day of deliberations too - 5 minutes to choose a foreperson, 1 vote, bada bada chaching go the handcuffs)