Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Court Takes Threats on Judges Seriously

Update 2!
Latest report from Harriet Ryan on the Court TV Blog, indicates the court takes any threat on a Judge seriously, even those that are supposedly anonymous comments on Team Spector's MySpace page. Thanks steffaroob4!

"According to the defense, Rachelle Spector says she was not the author of the post and doesn't know who was. It has since been removed from her site.
She denies it, said defense attorney Christopher Plourd, adding that he was aware of the investigation."
Yeah. Right, lol! Who of you out there believes that? I mean, come on, lol! Rachelle has also said that Spector's wigs are "his own hair," and that she met Spector "at a restaurant." She fails to mention that it was Jerry's Deli, where she was working as a waitress.

I bet this defense team just "loves" the child bride, since she's been such a great source of help in crafting their defense.

Update: 11:40 am.
Here is the California penal code for threatening a civil servant, including a Judge. A big thanks to my Court TV friend Sherbie for finding and posting this.

Update: 12:55 pm.
Court TV's Harriet Ryan has expanded her reporting on the Team Spector MySpace page comment.


Unknown said...

"""It has since been removed from her site."""

So, does this mean the Team Spector myspace page is her site????? Interesting....

Unknown said...

WOW - what I wouldn't give to see the "child bride" hauled off to jail. What a hoot! We can only hope the powers that be are taking this seriously ..... JAIL! JAIL! JAIL!

Lilly said...

I'm glad they are really investigating it. What a twit to threaten a judge. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

Sprocket said...

Have I not been sayin' for months this Child Bride~Trial Bride doesn't have much going for her in the neurological department? :D :D

Her and Harvey deserve each other!

Anonymous said...

Little Chikadee is in for a hard time! Whether or not she ends up in the pokey, it's good to know she has to use her "intelligence" for a change and not her other "assets."

Seth said...

Ok, I have a question and since I don't live in LA or California I have never heard of Jerry's Deli. Is this place especially low class or trashy? Do they work topless or something? Because when people talk about Rachelle working there it is always in a negative tone. I am a server and there is nothing wrong with being one unless the place is nasty. Please fill me in.

Sprocket said...

Seth, Jerry's Famous Deli is a chain. It first started in the Los Angeles area. It's pedestrian. Think in terms of "IHOP" or "Dennys." A 24 hours place. It's not a job anyone would "aspire" to.


There are a lot of struggling actors that work as waiters and waitresses, so I agree with you on that regard, it's not a job to be embarrassed about.

Being a professional server is considered an honorable profession in Europe, resorts and big cities. For example, in New York, you can't just walk into an upscale restaurant, and apply for a position. Those jobs are either handed down from father to son, or the station position is sold.

An example of a professional server would be Kathy Sullivan, a witness for the prosecution. Ms. Sullivan has worked most of her 16 years at The Grill on the Alley, in Beverly Hills. A very nice, upscale restaurant.

I hope that answers your question.

Seth said...

Yes, that does answer my question and I see what you are saying now. I work at a 4 star restaurant and make over $80k being a server. So now that I know it is like Denny's or something, I understand. That is trashy. She seems very trashy to me.

Seth said...

Haha, I just looked up Jerry's website that you provided and on there it has a list of celebrities seen there this week in Hollywood, it's funny because it lists Lindsay Lohan and she has been in rehab in Utah for 2 months but was strangely seen at Jerry's in LA. haha. You are right, the place looks low class.