Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mick Brown & The Telegraph Interviewed me

Here's a little bit of exciting news. I just finished a "pod cast" phone interview with Mick Brown and his producer for the Telegraph, and it should be up on their web site in a few hours where you can listen to it.

Here's the link to the Telegraph:

Click on the link on the right that says: Spector Juror speaks out.

Per your request, here is the link to contact the Los Angeles County's District Attorney:


True Crime Weblog Admin (Steve Huff) said...

That's awesome. I truly enjoy talking to British journalists 9 times out of 10 -- you're guaranteed to get some intelligent, probing questions, and they won't necessarily be asked in that obtrusive, demanding way of the typical Yank reporter.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for the interview! I was very impressed with both the quality of the questions and the spot-on way you responded.

Keep going, Sprocket, we who want to be "in the know" about this case need you!

IonaTrailer said...

BBC London calling!

You have been insightful and intelligent in your coverage of this woeful process.

In regards to the 10th juror -

I am reminded of the closing scene of "Dangerous Liaisons". The Glen Close character, who has caused ruin in the lives of others, presents herself in the theater - and after a moment of reflection the audience responds with the sounds of "BOOOO" that echo through the hall.

This is what Ben Willardson gets to live with.

And, as my media savvy husband says, he may not have understood how fame works, but his life is about to change.

A doctor friend said, "This guy is a classic Asperberger's syndrome case." My regret is that the jury didn't rebel and remove him.

And ultimately, the wheels of justice may grind slowly, but Phil will pay for his crime of murder.

IonaTrailer said...

Sprockey - I know you're jammed up - but this is a total love letter to Juror #9 - hoping he will read it.

Thank you so much for your sanity, your common sense and logic.

You did the best you could, and I swear, #10 has Asberger's Syndrome.

That's why it didn't make sense that you couldn't get him on the program. I watched the video of him talking to the media with three psychiatrist friends and they all nailed him with this diagnosis.


Chit, chit, chit.

You did your best. Now the rest is up to the next voir dire.

Take a vacation. You deserve it.

Sedonia Sunset said...

Sprocket, I just heard you're interview -- that is SO COOL! Jurors contacting YOU, overseas magazines contacting YOU -- you've hit the big time! Congratulations!

I'd also like to chime in to offer my kudos and thanks to Juror #9 for his spot-on observations and reasoning, especially in light of the fact that the jury did not get NEARLY the amount of information the public at large was privy to. It's heartening to find out that someone used common sense.

As for Juror #10, I personally think people who don't know him should leave him alone as far as going out of their way to contact/attack/intimidate him at home or at work. I'd hate to be a juror (NOT something that is usually a CHOICE) and then have to deal with everyone in the WORLD who didn't like the way I voted (and there will ALWAYS be someone who disagrees (a LOT of someones in THIS case)). Personally, I STRONGLY disagree with his vote and his methods, and there seems to be something hinky about him, but it's extremely invasive to him and HIS FAMILY to go out of one's way to attack him either verbally or, God Forbid, physically. He's going to get PLENTY of flack as it is just from his neighbors, co-workers and people out and about who recognize him from TV. He'll be known for a very long time as THE person who let a cold-blooded MURDERER off the hook, and that's probably punishment enough.

Sedonia Sunset

Unknown said...

I do believe you're getting more press--and certainly more FAVORABLE press--than Chelle. Hehehehehehehehehehe.
Dear Chelle, I know you're reading this...Why are you reading internet blogs? Shouldn't you be preparing your old bag o' bones for his retrial?

Velouria said...

Well done, Sprocket! I can't begin to express my thanks for your excellent coverage of this case. Great to see you gaining some well-deserved recognition, and I hope you'll see it through to round #2!

BTW, any truth to the rumor that Dominick's next book will be titled "The Two Mrs. Spectors"? ;)