Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Caption Contest

The Caption Contest
For those of you who may have forgotten, last week I thought it would be fun for everybody to write a caption to THIS PHOTO of Linda Kenney Baden whispering to Spector. Y'all were great and played along. Dini and I had a blast reading all your submissions to the Caption Contest. There were times when, Dini was laughing so hard I though I was going to have to have an ambulance sent to her house. I tried to grab as many of the entries as I could. I sincerely apologize if I missed any, or if I've misspelled anyone's hat name.
Honorable MentionsMyraTurner: "What color would you call her sweater?"
SusiePMcD: "I'll pack your 'Merkin' and I'll meet you on the castle steps at midnight...and I'll bring my pink fuzzy handcuffs!"
Dozer: "I think I lost my nipple ring--may I borrow one of yours?"
tartangirl: "Um, Phil, I was wondering if I could borrow that Batman costume you have, Big Mike and I are going to try something different tonight."
jojoTN: "Sshh, Philly, lovebug, NOT the iheartphilmobile - the white bronco!"
Xspectorant: "She goes by the name, Sprocket. And Phil, she's smarter than you!"
balamo: "Da Doo RUN RUN"
Dig: "All right, Phil, everything is arranged. Brad and Chris are posting on the board, Chelle is workin on press releases, and Roger is waiting in the bathroom."
Dozer: " Phil... I'e got that "not so fresh feeling' and I was wondering if I could borrow one of your moist feminine towelettes if "K" didn't already get your last one...."
katfish: "Tell 'Chelle' I have dibs on the Court TV message board for the holiday weekend, she can have Harriet Ryan's blog." (Phil Thinking:) "What in the hell is a Sprocket?"
mommybear: "The next time Rachelle slaps that nasty rug on your head, tell her to use less glue...BECAUSE I'M STUCK!!!"

llylabrat: "Can I get some of those Christian Laboutin shoes like Chelle has?"

Honorable Mention TieScottie: "I'll bring the wine and you bring the gun, my tiny little one".
hockeymomof5: "Hey Phillip, you, me together at the cottge when this is all over. Bring your gun!"
calalily: "Be My Be My Baby, My One and Only Baby"

cocoloco: "Momma's got the limo me around back..."

True2Blues: "Sit down and shake your hands like a good boy, and later we'll have some Rum cake."

True2Blues: "I want that check by the end of the day or I'm outta here!"

True2Blues: "Call me that again, and this very sharp pencil is going where the sun don't shine."

Angeltab: "Phil honey let's blow this POP STAND and we can be together forever and ever. Or until you get gunned down like an animal."

Mr. Sprocket: "We'll have conjuical visits in prison."

kathlb: "Save the Last Dance for Me."

MsTery: "Check, please!!"

Intrepid: "Ok, Phil, I'm off to the spa. Just get up tomorrow and say something like, 'we think she may have......' well, you think of the disease. I'll be back in a few weeks, after Mikey."

flea_bailey: "Hey baby, wanna swap some DNA?"

angler: "Philly baby. I'll distract them and you run for the border."

1."Come to Momma"
2. "Okay HARVEY...I'll ask the Judge if it is okay for you to wear your "batman suit" at sentencing."
3. "Yes dear....the pre-nup...will not leave the little bitch and her mother a red cent OR a shiney nickel."
4. "Meet me at Backstage at midnight...the Kessel bros...say the "PIE" wants more money."
5. "Yes...Phill...I think the jury will aquit...we closed."
6. "PHIL Baby...Are you sure you want to be an ORGAN DONOR?"
7. "Yes Harvey...I still think you are a GENUIS!"
8. "Not sure PHILLY...that might cost a little EXTRA!"
9. "Yes dear...I'll make sure the whole "WITNESS LIST"....never works in this town again!"
10. "Sorry Philly....we all tried....but the jurors are all too honest...not one of them would take a bribe!"
11: "I hope my hickeys go away before Michael sees them!"

angeltab: "Baden my husband really messed up his testimony. How about you and me Phil baby. They say our Love won't pay the rent. All your money's already spent. I got you nailed. I've got you (out) on bail."

Intrepid: "Phil, I swear to God, if you settle my bill with a truck load of nickels like you did your ex-wife, I'm calling Bruce for a few phone numbers, if you know what I mean."

True2Blues: "Captain Kangaroo is on his way back to New York City. Tonight's a go!"

Jayne: "Kill the Wabbit, KILL THE WABBIT!"

ScienceFiend: "I loved Bugs Bunny as Brunhilde!!"

"Maybe Rosen can come in his catsuit."
spydernweb2006: "Think of dog day afternoon Phil... Kiss me, kiss me, I like being kissed when I get screwed..... Cause Phil, your screwed!"

jojoTN: "Uuh, Phil, my sweetie, my bubbala, SHOW ME THE MONEY!"

"Suspicons Confirmed."
"Now, now Phil, please don't cry. Just bend over slowly and kiss your a$$ goodbye!!!"

"Innocent or guilty, no lap dance, is all I'm sayin.' So shoot me."

Hecate: "
Chelle did my hair---like it?"

"You did send the check, didn't you?"

katfish: "I thought I told you and Rachelle to keep your arsses off the internet..."

CCMSW: "What is the color of blood?"

"Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye."
"If your little wife sends out another press release, I'll f***ing kill her."

"I suffer with "BS" dear, not "MS".
"Take a bite out of crime."
"Just remember little careful when you bend over to pick up the soap!"

"Michael's with Greta again tonight, are you free?"

"Phil, your hair looks so silky, may I ask what kind of shampoo you are using?"

katfish: "
I thought you told the judge I was the little shrimp!"
Dunlurken: "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to put a gun in someone's mouth?"
"Whooooooo's your favorite attorney? Whooooo's your 'chief' counsel?"

"Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you, bad boy bad boy!"

"If you pay me a lil more, I'll bring Dr. Hank back to lie for you too."

"I can't believe you went brown to match HER!!! Where's my little blond Dutch Boy?"

"I think I just killed somebody!"
True2Blues: "Don't worry, I've drilled airholes in the trunk, and padded the inside. Everything is under control."
Kennedy06: "They are taking about us again on that CTV message board!"

Redd: "You've just killed your chances for ever seeing the light of day again."

1. "Now Phil, when the verdict comes in remember not to flip your wig."
2. "Phil, don`t wig out on us when the verdict is read."

leedeebug: " " up your fly"!

"Can I borrow your purple jacket?"
2. "My husband has left."
3. "Ooh, Phil, nummie, num, num!"
4. "I heard you look fierce in plaid flannel!"

"Yes Phil, there really is a BUBBA."
spydernweb2006: "Hey Phil while your in jail, can I borrow the Merkin?"


1. "I told you there was NO refunds!"
2. "Of course Phil, I’ll wait for you to get out!"
3. "Is that a blackhead I see on your face? Mind if I squeeze it?"


1. "Do I make your horney?"
2. "Tell that another gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?"
3. "Michael is in New York!"
4. "Rosen & Brunion were making faces at you during the break."

Luauna Schmi:
"Phil, Phil, woulda, coulda, shoulda won't fly here!!"

The contest was then expanded to include what was Phil thinking in that photograph. Some entries had thoughts for both LKB and Phil, some contestants just had thoughts for Phil.
Rebel_Rhonda: "You pay me better then my Husband." (Phil Thinking:) The check ain't cleared yet."

TwinMom: "
You can't take your Batman costume to San Quentin."
(And True2Blues replied to that with a Phil Thinking comment:)
"What, not even my underroos?"

Dianna: "Looks like you better cash in on all your "Viagra" stocks little buddy." (Phil Thinking) "Oh hell, My 'To do list!' "

calalily: "Don't worry. Plourd has charted a private jet to China. Henry Lee will take it from there. You'll be safe as he's an expert on making anything vanish into thin air."
(Phil Thinking)
"Hmmmm....I wonder if I can smuggle in my favorite sandals?"

"No, no Phil it's a no. Phil I have said no. Phil what part of no do you not understand?" (Phil Thinking) "Oh really, wow, ok this is what it means!"

Rebel_Rhonda: "Last I checked in our account was $250,000 baby? Can I do anything else for you mon cheri???" (Phil Thinking:) "I paid that bumbling idiot of a husband of yours what?!?!?"

gentleeyes: (Phil Thinking:)
"Let’s say I lock the wife up for the night and you and I go out for drinks!"

bballgrl: (Phil Thinking:) "Geez, This lady needs a mint... or at least a freakin' Cough Drop!"

(Phil Thinking:) "Now, where did I hide that other gun?" All these medications have blurred my memory."

(Phil Thinking:) "Look LKB...Cutler's gone...I'm counting on you. If you loose this case.....I'm spilling the beans on the "AH HA' Moment!!!

(Phil Thinking:) "And she woke me up to tell me this!?!"
True2Blues: (Phil Thinking:) "I can hear a voice in my head!"

ScienceFiend: (Phil Thinking:) "I'M the defendant???"
(Phil Thinking:) "I fought the law and the law won."
(Phil Thinking:) "The check bounced? I'm in twubble now."

(Phil Thinking:) "What do you mean I dress like a girly man?"

(Phil Thinking:) "Where's dat Wascally Wabbit? Chelle has chwosen HIM to do Cwosing Awguments".
Jayne: (Phil Thinking:) "A'll be baaak!"

(Phil Thinking:) "You've lost that lovin feeling..."

gentleeyes: (Phil Thinking:) "It was just a little blood. They're making it sound like it was Blow Back Mountain!"

(Phil Thinking:) "Uh oh how am I gonna tell Linnie that I only have one feminine towellet left and I am gonna need it after what AJ has shown (proven) the jurors."


"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I just loooooooooove the smell of fresh GSR on a man!"

Houdinisback and Sprocket's caption ideas. (As you can see, Houdinisback had a lot of fun with this contest.)

Sprocket: "Rachelle knows Phil. (Phil Thinking) Chelle knows?"

"Sigh.... I dreamed about you again last night.....wearing your batman suit!"

ummmm....phil....since you won't be needing those wigs anymore, ya think I can have some until my hair improves?"
"Am I your new solemate.... schmoopie?"
"we ARE getting those matching gangsta presentin' tats Friday......kreckt?"
"Sigh.....I woke up this morning just as I saw you walking in wearing your batman suit!"
(Phil Thinking:) "The sharks we imported to Hawaii COST me......HOW much? oy vey!!!"
"You know, Phil, Mike and I thumbed our noses at the Justice System for you. I am your point person, computer person, spear-heading person, good friend talk to you for hours every night person, right? Right Phil?" (PS responds:) "Krect!"
dini steps in as BECKY IN TEXAS! by proxy: "Phil, who do you think is a bigger HOTTIE......AJ or Judge Fidler?"

dini steps in for MyrnaTurner by proxy: "Phil.....we hired scientists, not scientologists!"
dini steps in for Ms. Terry "Is that a brownie on your back or are you just glad to see me?" (inside joke)
dini steps in as barskin&co by proxy:"Pheel.......why do you always confuse Adriano with Steve McQueen~Gonzalez!"


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I have laughter tears rolling down my face & my sides ache. Those captions are hysterical. Thanks for posting them.

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My chinese food is done for the night~giggling and crying at the
same time ~I love a friend that can make me laugh, must be why I like this board so much~