Thursday, September 13, 2007

Did Rachelle Short's brother-in-law send me an email?

I just received an email from someone claiming to be the Court TV poster ranger75. Here is what they said:

Hi there,

I understand blogging is part of everyday life with concerns to certain situations. You do nice detective work I guess I can say. This is ranger75 from courtv discussion boards. I ask out of sincere respect for my family that you remove your blog about my recent comments fom your site. I no longer post about my opinions, verdict or the trial on the boards as I explained earlier today. I went out of bounds and made my opinions and self public. Not the best thing to do. I again ask that you please remove the blog so that whatever privacy that my family and I have, remains.

My response:
Are you verifying to me that you are Rachelle Short's brother-in-law? This information became public the minute it was posted on the Court TV message boards. I did not violate or reveal any confidences; I just gathered information that was out there. "ranger75" was the one who made the decision to share their thoughts on a public forum. Maybe not the best decision, but definitely their decision.


Susan said...

Good decision Sprocket. This is a NOT a forum for Rachelle's family members to flip-flop on their statements, nor should they ask you to remove or redact your posts. That flies in the face of Journalism 101. Haven't the Shorts and Team Spector learned to think before they speak/write?

The Gal Herself said...

I just love your blog and wish I had found it earlier in the trial! Your insights are terrific. And I just watched Judge Larry apologize to you on You Tube. Maybe you'll get a second apology from Ranger before all is said and done.

Unknown said...

I agree with your premise that he posted his opinions on a public board.

He obviously feels strongly about Phil Spector, but, now the lawyers are probably threatening him. He's between a rock and a hard place, but, his initial posts on CTV were almost like a cry for help. What if Rachelle is next to be shot? Or his mother-in-law, or both of them?

At least he will have a record of being afraid for her fate.

Keep em up, and keep up the great blog- It's one of my non-guilty pleasures each day!

Take care girl.