Friday, September 14, 2007

More Rachelle Short Family Drama? It just gets better!

Not long after I put up the last blog entry, ranger75 emailed me again. Here's part of what he said.

I am not confirming anything. All that I am saying is that I did what I did, I regret doing it, and I would just like the blog removed. I'm sure everyone who read it already got their fill of enjoyment from it, so it's time for it to go.

Thanks to my good friend
Dave I was sent some statements that appear to have been written by Rachelle Short's sister, Shannon Eisner on the Internet. These statements are no longer available where they originally appeared, but those of you with savy searching skills can probably easily find them through google's catched version of pages. I've put them up as they originally appeared, complete with spelling and grammar errors. Thank you so much Dave. You Rock!

Spector"seisner 6:48am
In the past four years I have never made a point to ever reveal that I was related to Rachelle or Phil
Spector, I have never even visited a message site like this before, and to be frank, I actually looked down upon people who waisted thier days worrying about other ppls lives and posting comments about things they know nothing about. But to set it straight, Rachelle Short is a small town girl from PA, who excelled in band, wrestling, and everything else. She has worked hard in her life. She is honest and nothing of the sort of a gold digger, she works hard everyday of her life! If you ppl out there have any sense you would see that Phils hands were not on that stupid gun and didn;t.....(snip)
I purposfully edited out the last part of her post, because I will not post anything this idiot says that degrades or drags Lana Clarkson through the mud. But trust me. It was a pretty nasty, just like ranger75 indicated Rachelle Short's mouth was.

"Clearing up a mess about my family(ranger75)"
seisner   06:39 AM  
Flamming Mad Clearing up a mess about my family(ranger75)

Hello everyone, i would like to introduce my self as Shannon Eisner AKA  Shannon Short, yes Short, I am Rachelle Shorts little sister. I have just been made aware of someone posting tons of messages on this board about my sister and Phil. I am outraged. And yes he is who he says he is. I believe is code name is ranger75 I really woulnd't be too interested in what he says about them, he has only met my sister twice, and has never carried a conversation on with her. He is lying, just like almost everyone else on here. He him self is a hu*****ual liar. He has been caught be me, stocking a porn star on the internet, and emailing her naked pictures of himself and he lies to people and tells them he is an army ranger, which he isn's.  It is pretty sad he had to go and discrace my family, and backstab me and my mother by posting lies about my family. If I were you I would stay away from his messages. His words are nothing but fiction.

And in a reply to another individual asking if she was still married to her husband, seisner said:
seisner 6:51am
Not for long!

seisner 6:52am
I felt inclined and outraged to stick up for my sister.
When ranger75 first emailed me, I did not include his real life name. I thought I was being generous, protecting that. However, in light of the sister's posts, I can at least verify now that the real life last name on the emails I received from
ranger75, matches that of Rachelle Short's sister. Oh boy! To be a fly on the wall of that household lol!

Now, how do you think that Rachelle Short's little sister found out about ranger75's Internet ramblings? Could it be that Rachelle has been reading here? Hi Rachelle! We're all waiting to see what you wear to court on verdict day, and hear your outburst once the guilty verdict is read. I know you won't disappoint!


craigtamy said...

That was great! Stupidity does run in the family!!! It must be interesting for you to have these nutbags come out of the woodworks. Thanks so much for sharing the inner-workings of a family who lives on the DeNile. craigtamy

houdini said...

ya know, i remember a Not Guilty posting not too long ago who spelled "wasted" as "waisted" the same way this uneducated person does. i haven't ventured over to the NG threads for at least a week, but this stuck out because of the identical spelling. makes me think that neither of the Short girls graduated high school.

this is so funny, especially when she says they won't be married much longer! my next question is "how do you email a porn star?"


Anonymous said...

Dang, Chelle is a class act-> NOT!

Looks like it runs in the family, only I feel bad for Ranger, poor Ranger. Sometimes the truth hurts. Eh, he's better off without them!

Anonymous said...

I dont even care to read the CTV boards anymore re: Spector. (I got kicked off anyway for calling Punkin a not so nice name)
But your blog rocks! Love it!! Absolutely hilarious what is going on with the Spectors/Eisners.

When Phil goes off to prison for life, Rachelle & her newly divorced sis will be able to go on one heck of a shopping spree together. I can see why she'd wanna kick her ranger to the curb now. She's movin to Alhambra baby!

I dont believe a word of what Shannon says re: stalking a porn star etc. He sounded like he had a pretty good head on his shoulder to me.

mControl said...

Dang Sproket! You rock! I now have bookmarked your page and have a dedicated amount of time to actually find and read your blogs about the trial, Spector and Ms. Gold digger Short-Spector. Her sister sounds about as intelligent as her mother (whom I've met - they share clothes and earrings)!

I, too, will be breathlessly awaiting her fashion victim statement come verdict time...

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! Your witty comments are the best!!
I post on CTV and that's how I found this and I'm so glad I did.
Your "Hi Rachelle!" was priceless! I want to take the opportunity and wave "Hi" to Ms. Chelle Short as well LOL She almost got me fooled...I thought she was I'm sure!
Keep up the great work and thanks for all the details on what was goin on inside the court room.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog, Sprocket. Did you notice all the misplaced commas in little sister's posts? This is just like those that appeared in the email that RS sent to the media a few weeks ago! Coincidence?

Susan said...

Rachelle and her numerous family members (Team Spector) engage in theatrical stunts and grossly inappropriate behaviors. This is not only disrespectful to the memory of Lana Clarkson and her family, but demonstrates a blatant and contemptuous disdain for the judicial system.

Regarding Team Spector Forrest Gump astutely and succinctly chimes in: "Stupid is as stupid does.”

Rachelle's family and friends are coming out of the wood work, insinuating themselves into a very serious criminal proceeding. I smell book deals, movies, Broadway plays . . .

Anonymous said...

Sprocket, you rock! I can't believe the nerve of some people who go on the net to air their dirty laundry and then want it removed! People with good sense NEVER write anything on the net they don't want spread around!

Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what happens next.

And... thank you for your fantastic trial coverage. It's addeded depth and dimension to the whole experience.

Sprocket said...

Well, you clarified that by saying, "people with good sense..." and there's nothing that I've seen that tells me that Rachelle Short and her extended family have good sense lol!

It's so funny these requests (read "demands") to remove content, it's almost sad.

If someone doesn't want their family secrets (golddigger SIL, porn viewing husband, etc.) aired in public maybe they should have thought about counseling first. I expect that marriage isn't going to last long, either.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Short family should go on the Jerry Springer show. Sounds like they all fit in well!